About Us

About The Business

When Did the Business Start:

September 2014

What Services Does the business offer?

Classic Car Museum of St Augustine is a perfect complement to the rich history of this magnificent city. With Cars ranging from the early 1900s to present day, it helps portray the city through the ever-evolving automobile. Community Contributions include hosting various Charity events, School Involvement and Education, Retirement Community Focus, and overall Fun for all ages.

  • Event Venue
    • Event Space for all types of special events including but not limited to:
      • Charity Events
      • Car Related Activities/Club meetings and gatherings
      • Corporate Events
      • Birthday Party
      • Anniversary
      • Wedding Receptions
      • Award Ceremony

About The Owners

What was your business experience prior to starting this business?

I have spent over 40 years in the Classic Car Hobby, but throughout those years I have had a successful sales career with a number of large and small corporations, including the Automobile Business.  Most recently, I have been employed for the last 20 years with a large Medical Supply Company where I serve as a Vice President.

What got you into classic cars?

I always loved cars from a very young age and that probably came directly from my dad. He loved cars but our economic situation growing up never afforded us the opportunity to actually own a classic car or hotrod.  It didn’t prevent us from dreaming and talking about it. My Dad used to take me to dirt track racing on Saturday nights in South Georgia where I grew up and we would talk cars for hours. I dreamed of owning a classic one day and that dream came true when I purchased my brother’s best friend’s 61 Corvette in 1984, financed it, paid it off, and restored it over the next 10 years.  That started me off in the hobby.  And I still have the car to this day and it will never be sold. Every spare minute I have away from work or my family is spent with my cars or in car related activities.  It is my passion and I never get tired of being around and talking old cars.

The Community

What makes St Augustine the ideal place to start this business?

Many things.  Classic Cars fit so nicely with the history of this wonderful and charming city. Transportation (Railroads by Henry Flagler) put St Augustine on the map and the automobile sustained that attraction through the years becoming a tourist and Vacation destination city.  “Oldest City in the United States” just “fits” with “Old Cars”.  There is a robust following of Classic Cars in this area, the area population is growing tremendously, and it is even a greater tourist destination today than ever before.

What do you hope to bring to the Community?

The Museum will provide a place for residents and their families to visit and experience the past and present evolution of the automobile. We will provide a fun and educational environment providing friendly discussion about any car or memorabilia that is asked about.  Our main focus will be giving back to the community through Charitable Events.  We will provide event space for Charity functions as well as host our own Charity events that will raise money for many different and diverse causes.  We also plan to involve our Senior members to transfer their experiences and wisdom of this great hobby to younger generations through monthly events.  Working closely with the City and Chamber of Commerce, we expect to be a big part of the tourism and historical draw to St Augustine.  Lastly, we will be involved in hosting community events such as “First Responders Night at the Museum” and “Teachers Night at the Museum”  bringing recognition and providing a fun evening for those make up the fabric of our community.